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With the prevalence and profitability of cryptocurrency in Canada increasing, it is essential to have the right assistance when dealing with the taxes that pertain to crypto and NFTs. Crypto Tax Lawyer, founded by Canadian tax lawyer and crypto tax accountant in Canada, David J Rotfleisch, is proud to be a leader in NFT and cryptocurrency tax law in Canada.

Our team of skilled cryptocurrency lawyers offers end-to-end crypto tax services to ensure you are equipped with the right guidance and advocacy every step of the way.

Our Canadian Crypto Tax Services

Get relatable crypto tax services you can trust. Choose our crypto tax services and resources today. As cryptocurrency lawyers in Toronto, we specialize in the following areas:

Voluntary Disclosure

If you failed to report income or capital gains from the sale of NFTs or cryptocurrency in previous tax years, you can apply for a correction through the Voluntary Disclosure Program.

Learn how a voluntary disclosure program can help with your crypto taxes.

Tax Prosecution

Failing to pay taxes on NFT or cryptocurrency transactions can lead to tax evasion prosecution. The CRA today has new tools for tracing cryptocurrency transactions through open ledger blockchains.

Get advice from a specialized crypto lawyer in Canada if you're concerned about crypto tax evasion matters.

Cryptocurrency Taxes

The CRA can take sweeping collection actions to collect amounts owing if you have unfiled cryptocurrency taxes. Our cryptocurrency lawyers in Toronto can assist you in mitigating penalties when you file late NFT or cryptocurrency taxes.

Learn more about reporting crypto taxes.

Tax Audits

The CRA initiates crypto tax audits with a letter notifying the taxpayer and a 13-page cryptocurrency audit questionnaire. If the CRA is auditing you for NFT or crypto taxes, it is in your interest to talk to a crypto tax lawyer in Canada.

Learn more about crypto tax audits.

Guide to
Canada Crypto Taxes

According to the CRA, every NFT and cryptocurrency transaction, including coin-to-coin exchanges, has tax implications under the Income Tax Act and Excise Tax Act. This includes using crypto to pay for goods and services.

Learn more about crypto tax in Canada from a qualified cryptocurrency tax lawyer.

Crypto Income

Taxpayers must complete Form T1135 with the CRA if they own more than $100,000 in foreign property, including cryptocurrencies or NFTs.

Our cryptocurrency lawyers can guide you through the complexities of offshore crypto income.

Crypto Tax Solutions

Crypto Taxes for Individuals

All cryptocurrency transactions are taxed in Canada, including selling crypto, buying goods and services, giving crypto as a gift, or trading one cryptocurrency or another. Cryptocurrency transactions may trigger GST/HST taxes, income tax, or capital gains taxes.

However, which activities and tax rates are applicable to a taxpayer in Canada is determined on a case-by-case basis. This is why it’s critical to consult crypto tax lawyers or a crypto tax accountant in Canada for personalized advice.

Crypto Taxes for Businesses

Taxpayers who frequently trade cryptocurrency may benefit from operating a cryptocurrency trading business as a CCPC (Canadian-controlled private corporation) to reduce their crypto tax bill. A cryptocurrency lawyer in Canada can help with crypto tax planning and finding tax advantages.

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"I had been looking for crypto tax advice for sometime, however, because it is a relatively new subject it was difficult to source credible information. This all changed when I spoke to Kevin at He was very knowledgeable and was able to give me exceptional personalized advice. Would recommend!"
Josh St. Hillaire
"Received valuable tax advice on my cryptocurrency situation. Thorough analysis was done and good recommendations were made.
Overall good service."
Paul McLaughlin

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cryptocurrency tax lawyer?

Cryptocurrency tax lawyers have Canadian tax expertise in the taxation of cryptocurrency and NFTs and can help you with all of the tax consequences of crypto transactions, as well as with tax planning to reduce taxes owing from your crypto portfolio. David J. Rotfleisch is not only a certified specialist in taxation law but also a chartered professional accountant in Toronto with expertise in cryptocurrency transactions and your tax and reporting obligations.

What can a crypto tax lawyer do for you?

A cryptocurrency tax lawyer will help you determine how your crypto or NFT transactions should be reported and taxed. If you have unfiled taxes from crypto transactions, if you are being audited, or if the CRA is taking collection actions against you, a cryptocurrency tax lawyer will stand up for your rights and will provide tax planning advice.


Whether you are new to NFTs and cryptocurrency or you are catching up with your tax obligations,  crypto tax lawyers will help you navigate the process and save money.

What crypto tax services are available?

David Rotfleisch can help you manage unfiled cryptocurrency or NFT taxes, the tax consequences of offshore cryptocurrency income, cryptocurrency Voluntary Disclosure, cryptocurrency tax prosecution, crypto tax audits, and all of the tax implications of trading, mining, staking or other transactions in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Who can benefit from working with a crypto tax lawyer?

Everyone who makes cryptocurrency or NFT transactions in Canada should be aware of the tax consequences of their activities. Those who can benefit the most from hiring a crypto tax lawyer may owe large amounts to the CRA because of unfiled cryptocurrency taxes or require tax planning advice that will reduce their taxes in the future.

Where do Crypto Tax Lawyers offer crypto tax services?

David Rotfleisch is a cryptocurrency lawyer with a physical office in Toronto who provides crypto tax services across Canada and worldwide. Wherever you are, get help from a cryptocurrency tax lawyer who has experience dealing with the CRA and the tax obligations of NFT and crypto transactions.

"These articles provide information of a general nature only. It is only current at the posting date. It is not updated, and it may no longer be current. It does not provide legal advice, nor can it or should it be relied upon. All tax situations are specific to their facts and will differ from the situations in the articles. If you have specific legal questions, you should consult a Canadian crypto tax lawyer."

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