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We deal with the CRA on a daily basis. We constantly fight on behalf of our clients at all stages of dealing with the CRA, including crypto tax audits, arbitrary assessments, and Tax Court Appeals.

Tax Lawyer & CPA

David J. Rotfleisch of Crypto Tax Lawyer is a tax lawyer, Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), and a certified specialist in taxation. We understand how to review financial statements and records that can cause problems with the CRA.

End-to-End Services

No matter what stage of the process you find yourself in, we can help. We assist with crypto tax planning, filing crypto taxes, Voluntary Disclosure submissions, tax audits, and Tax Court Appeals.

Crypto Tax Planning

If you buy, sell, trade, or mine cryptocurrency, you need a crypto tax plan to manage what you pay to the CRA and how your crypto taxes in Canada are reported. Don’t get caught off-guard when you file your tax return.


As crypto tax lawyers, we can handle all of your tax needs in-house. We deliver all of our services with a high level of professionalism to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.


We have 35 years of experience in tax planning for businesses and individuals. With the emergence of NFT and crypto, we were quick to learn how crypto transactions would be treated under the Income Tax Act, and now we can help businesses and individuals with their crypto tax planning.


We understand the Income Tax Act, disputing the CRA, and how to structure and carry out tax reorganizations. When we represent you, we take on your tax problems and will fight the CRA as far as possible.


It’s our job to advocate for our clients when they have a dispute with the CRA. We advocate for you at every stage, from tax audits to Notices of Objection to Tax Court Appeals. We don’t take no for an answer when our clients are in the right.

A Long-Lasting Partnership

We don’t just help during a dispute. Crypto Tax Lawyers help individuals and businesses with tax planning, estate planning, reorganization, and more. Working with us is the start of a long-lasting partnership.

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Choose Crypto Tax Lawyers for crypto tax planning, disputing the CRA, filing a Voluntary Disclosure for unreported crypto taxes, and all of your crypto tax needs. We bring experience, expertise, and advocacy to our clients when they need help dealing with the CRA. Contact us to tell us more about your legal and tax needs related to NFT and crypto trading.
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