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David J. Rotfleisch, CPA, JD

David J. Rotfleisch is a Canadian tax lawyer, Certified Specialist in Taxation, and a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). David has a passion for income tax and has completed the in-depth CICA tax course.

In his capacity as an income tax lawyer and CPA, David has helped start-ups, individuals, resident and non-resident business owners, and corporations with their taxes. He has helped both corporations and individuals with everything from the most straightforward to complex tax and estate planning, as well as the Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP), tax audits, and tax litigation issues.

Technology is David’s second passion, and he has an extensive background in the IT industry. He has incorporated this passion into his practice and is adept at handling high-tech legal issues, including legal issues around IP and software development. This has extended to NFT and cryptocurrency tax law and crypto-related disputes with the CRA.

David Rotfleisch graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University in 1975. He became a CPA in 1977 and subsequently attended Osgoode Hall Law School, taking every tax course he could. In 1983, he was admitted to the Ontario bar and founded his tax law firm in 1987.

He blogs on a regular basis and has published numerous tax articles in professional publications and the press. With the evolution and growing popularity of NFTs and cryptocurrency, he has extended his expertise and knowledge to become well versed in crypto tax laws in Canada.

Meet the Team


Canadian crypto tax lawyer Kevin Persaud

Kevin Persaud

Kevin has been a valued member of our team and an esteemed lawyer since his call to the bar in 2018. With a Juris Doctor from Osgoode Hall Law School, Kevin brings an elevated level of professionalism, insight, and expertise to his role. He continues to provide counsel to his clients for a wide range of NFT and crypto tax-related issues.
647-699-4513 , ext. 1017
Canadian Crypto Tax Lawyer Jack Wang

Jack Wang

Jack began as a summer student with our team before being called to the bar in 2021. As a tax lawyer, he offers insight and counsel to his clients across Canada. In addition to his J.D degree from uOttawa, he received the Vern Krishna scholarship for demonstrating strong academic standing. In his spare time, he enjoys ancient mythology and history books.
647-699-4513 , ext. 1015
Erik Knopf Crypto Tax Lawyers

Erik Knopf

Erik graduated from Queen’s University Faculty of Law as a member of the Dean’s Honour List. During his studies, Erik worked as a student caseworker for Queen’s Legal Aid and as an Associate Submissions Editor for Queen’s Law Journal.
416-367-4222 , ext. 1018
Photo of Nancy Liu

Nancy Lui

Nancy recently graduated from the JD program at Osgoode Hall Law School. As an active member of the law school community, Nancy has participated in various Moot Competitions as well as student associations including Obiter Dicta, Osgoode Advocacy Society and CLASP.
416-367-4222 , ext. 1029


Jason dos Anjos Canadian crypto tax lawyers

Jason Dos Anjos

Jason is the head of our paralegal team and has worked with the firm since 2018. He is responsible for handling the majority of our corporate department and small claims matters, while also taking care of the office’s own fish tank and a bearded dragon. When he’s not working, you’ll find Jason reading, writing and spending time outdoors.
647-699-4535 , ext. 1016
Canadian crypto tax lawyer Amol Bhangoo

Amol Bhangoo

Amol Singh Bhangu joined our team as a paralegal in 2022, after graduating with his P1 paralegal license from LSO in March of 2021. Amol works on client tax files, dealing directly with the Canadian Revenue Agency and accountants. He holds multiple degrees, including a BA from Punjab University and an LLB from Punjabi University.
416-367-4222 , ext. 1013
Photo of Evgeniia Predannykova

Evgeniia Predannykova

Evgeniia Predannykova joined our tax law firm in 2023 shortly after graduation with a Honour specializing in Law Clerk studies from Centennial College. Her educational background includes a Master’s degree in Banking from the University of Ukraine.
416-367-4222 , ext. 1023


Denise Tripp Crypto Tax Lawyers

Denise Tripp

Denise is our lead administrator and is responsible for answering all incoming phone calls and client inquiries. As a legal administrator with over 20 years of experience, Denise brings her sunny disposition and willingness to go above and beyond to every client-facing interaction.
416-367-4222 , ext. 1012
Danielle Kuechler Crypto Tax Lawyers

Danielle Kuechler

Danielle is responsible for client intake information and has been an integral part of our support team since February 2021. As a Georgian College graduate, she brings valued organization and expertise to her position and is always willing to help others find information.
647-699-4314 , ext. 1026


Photo of Kyle Smyth

Kyle Smyth

Kyle is currently a student at Osgoode Hall Law School. Prior to law school, Kyle studied at Niagara University in Niagara Falls, New York. Graduating Summa Cum Laude from the Accounting program and going on to complete the Master of Business Administration program, achieving a concentration in Finance. Kyle has a passion for baseball and competed in the Austria’s Bundesliga for the Schwechat Blue Bats in 2023.
416-367-4222 , ext. 1024
Photo of Naxi Aze

Naxi Aze

Naxi Aze is a summer law student at Rotfleisch & Samulovitch Professional Corporation. Naxi is entering her third and final year at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. Outside of academics, Naxi worked at Downtown Legal Services where she advised matters on landlord-tenant disputes. She also volunteered at the International Human Rights Program as a research student and AEL Advocacy where she advised clients on environmental law matters.
416-367-4222 , ext. 1019

Zoological Staff

David Rotfleisch and Enchante Crypto Tax Lawyer

Enchantée, Goodwill Ambassador

The firm’s goodwill ambassador is Enchantée, a 12-year-old female Bichon Frisée. This dog breed is playful and has a sense of humour. They are great companion dogs. She is very well trained and fully bilingual in English and French.

She enjoys eating, mooching, begging for food, and raiding targets of opportunity: garbage bins.

So, food is Number 1. Enchantée’s other favourite activity is chasing rodents. That’s activity Number 2. She is still pondering why she cannot climb trees when squirrels can. What a mystery!

She also loves playing with people, even if they are not feeding her.

She is talented at mugging for the camera and her photo has been published in The Globe and Mail.

At, every day is “Bring your pets” to work day.
Canadian crypto tax lawyer David Rotfleisch and Gaarflield

GAAR-field, Tax Fairness Defender

One of the benefits of being a boutique Canadian tax law firm is being able to have a very different Reception Area. One corner is occupied by GAAR-field, our tax office’s reptile. The other well-known Garfield, of course, is the orange, smart-aleck cartoon cat who loves to fall face-first into every lasagna he meets.

Our GAAR-field is a 5-year-old male Bearded Dragon. His name is an “inside tax joke” and refers to the General Anti-Avoidance Rule (GAAR) of Canada’s Income Tax Act.

The General Anti-Avoidance Rule (GAAR) was added to Canada’s Income Tax Act in 1988. Its purpose is to be an all-encompassing rule that prevents abusive tax avoidance transactions while not interfering with legitimate commercial and family transactions. The GAAR was intended to strike a balance between taxpayers' need for certainty in planning their affairs and the government's responsibility to protect the tax base and the fairness of the tax system.

So, what types of things does GAAR-field “avoid”: office work, government bureaucracy, family obligations, crafts and hobbies, computers, laundry, vacuuming, mowing the lawn, and all other household chores. That leaves: eating, basking under his heat lamp, and sleep, including frequent naps. GAAR-field is on permanent vacation!

And you didn’t think that our Canadian tax lawyers have a sense of humour?

The habitat of the Bearded Dragon is the dry grasslands of Australia. Our GAAR-field comes from a breeder in the U.S. He also enjoys the occasional snuggles, warm baths, and literally “hanging out” with the office staff with the help of his very large claws. He believes that this is a fair deal in exchange for his company.

He eats a diet of super worms and different greens along with his calcium supplement. He’s very friendly and always a joy to watch. Say “hello” to GAAR-field.

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