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Our tax planning and tax litigation services will help you challenge the CRA when facing a crypto tax audit or an arbitrary assessment. We can help you plan the most advantageous way to file crypto taxes, including restructuring your business, and filing unreported income earned from NFT or crypto transactions.
We provide individual and corporate tax planning advice to help you minimize the amount of taxes you pay on NFT or cryptocurrency transactions through a variety of solutions. This includes income splitting, claiming your capital losses, trading crypto through a Canadian-controlled private corporation, and more.
A CRA tax audit can be intimidating and overwhelming. Our team is prepared to represent your best interests and challenge the CRA when facing an audit for cryptocurrency transactions.
The CRA is not authorized to reduce the amount of tax that you owe. However, you can appeal the CRA’s assessments and challenge them on the amount that you owe with the help of a crypto tax lawyer.
The Voluntary Disclosure Program is a way for taxpayers to correct previously filed tax returns and voluntarily report taxable income that was not reported in previous years. Through the Voluntary Disclosure Program, applicants can avoid the harshest penalties for tax evasion. You can use the VDP to bring your taxes up to date if you did not report NFTs or crypto on your taxes.
Once you have received a Notice of Confirmation regarding a tax assessment or tax reassessment following an audit, a Canadian crypto tax litigation lawyer can file a Notice of Appeal with the Tax Court of Canada if you disagree with the assessment.
If you’ve received an unfair crypto tax assessment from the CRA, don’t ignore the problem. Delaying can mean you’re stuck with the problem. You must file a Notice of Objection within 90 days of the assessment being sent. Talk to your crypto tax lawyer immediately if you wish to challenge the CRA.

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David Rotfleisch and Samulovitch P.C. will help you with NFT and crypto tax planning, challenging the CRA, and Tax Court appeals. If you need help with crypto taxes, contact us for strong tax representation and crypto tax advice.
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